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PhD Medical Reseach - International Health


  1. Esu E (2017): The effectiveness and cost effectiveness of intermittent screening & treatment with Sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine versus Arthemetherlumefantrine for malaria prevention in pregnancy in South East Nigeria
  2. Atanga PN (2017): Adherence; Retention in Care and Treatment outcomes in HIV-positive Women enrolled in a pilot project implementing Option B+ in Cameroon
  3. Egere U (2017): Contact tracing and Isoniazid Prophylaxis for prevention of childhood Tuberculosis in The Gambia - an Analysis of the challenges and opportunities
  4. Ntinginya NE (2017): Evaluation of potential surrogate markers to determine TB treatment response among TB patients in Mbeya, Tanzania
  5. Mohammed SA (2017): M. tuberculosis among jail inmates of Ethiopian prisons; Molecular epidemiology, drug resistance and the role of LTA4H gene polymorphism during infection and disease progression
  6. Mwingira UJ (2017): An evaluation of the health impact of integrated helminths control by preventive mass chemotherapy: A study from urban and rural endemic districts of Tanzania
  7. Nguyen TA (2017): Vietnamese vegetarian diet: does it affect the prevalence of metabolic syndrome?
  8. Arenliu-Qosaj F (2017): An empirical model of access to health care, health care expenditure and impoverishment in Kosovo
  9. Fiengo TL (2017): Trends in AIDS-defining and non-AIDS-defining cancers among patients living with HIV/AIDS in the city of Sao Paulo 1997-2010
  10. Kasim AZ (2017): Genotypic and Phenotypic Resistance Traits of Gram-Negative Bacteria from Jimma University Hospital, Southwest Ethiopia
  11. Patel K (2017): Implementation of "T-cell activation markers" -based assay to diagnose Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection (TAM-TB): explore the potential for Point-of-Care (POC) settings


  1. Girma M (2016): Evaluation of early infant diagnosis of HIV in infants using the polymerase chain reaction method on dry blood spots and linkage of DBS results to care and treatment in the Southern Highland Zone
  2. Gudina E (2016): The impact of HIV infection on the outcome of acute bacterial Meningitis in Ethiopia: a case-control study
  3. Vicente CR (2016): Evaluation of factors predictive of severe dengue related to the virus and to the human host
  4. Loveline LN (2016): Determinants of outcome of children with type 1 diabetes in the North West and Central Regions of Cameroon


  1. Abera MW (2015): Effect of community-level intervention on maternal health care utilization in Gilgel Gibe Health and Demographic Surveillance Site, Southwest Ethiopia. Dissertation, LMU München.
  2. Kyeyune R (2015): Hematological and clinical profiles of HIV-infected adults initiating highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) in Uganda. Dissertation, LMU München.
  3. Kudom AA (2015): Insecticide resistance status of Culex species in urban areas in Ghana and efficacy of long lasting nets against them. Dissertation, LMU München.
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  6. Shariful Islam SM (2015): Mobile phone interventions for adherence to treatment for diabetics in an urban area of Bangladesh. Dissertation, LMU München.
  7. Wandiga SO (2015): Recruitment, loss to follow-uo and morbidity: Lessons for infant TB vaccine trials from an epidemiological cohort study in western Kenya. Dissertation, LMU München.


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  9. Neupane M (2014): Cardio-respiratory health of women exposed to household air pollution in rural Nepal: A matched cross-sectional study among traditional stove users and biogas users. Dissertation, LMU München. Link
  10. Shah R (2014): Factors affecting institutional delivery in Chitwan District of Nepal. Dissertation, LMU München.


  1. Chachage M (2013): Immune system modulation by infections with Helminths and HIV-1: Impact on pathogen-specific T cellresponses, regulatory T cells and systemic immune activation. Dissertation, LMU München. Link
  2. Nicoli F (2013): Immunomodulatory properties of the HIV-1 Tat protein. Dissertation, LMU München. Link
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