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Symposium on Infectious Diseases - Behind enemy lines: The hunt for future epidemics

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Across the world, epidemics of infectious disease have killed more humans in history than any other cause. The morbidity and mortality of infectious diseases profoundly shape politics, business and culture. Infectious diseases are not only spreading faster, they appear to be emerging more quickly than ever before posing greater public health treat. It is therefore crucial to anticipate future epidemics by accumulating knowledge through appropriate research and by monitoring infectious diseases emergence using indicators from different sources.

The aim of the Symposium is to examine the lessons learnt from the changing epidemiology of infectious disease outbreaks, interrogate evidence based emergency response approaches and their anthropological utility as well as to explore the advancements in infectious disease diagnostics and computational biology. This symposium promises to offer new insights into infectious disease outbreak to all scientists particularly researchers in the field of infectious diseases, public health practitioners, laboratories scientists, students and all other interested individuals.

Symposium will be held March 10, 2018 in Munich, Germany. 

Venue: Anatomical Institute
Pettenkoferstrasse 11, Lecture hall A202

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