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Congratulations to the CIH Photo Contest Winners!


We received many photos showing us different communities, cultural settings, and committed people working to improve health conditions in their communities.


First Place

Title: Nepal’s Female Community Health Volunteer (FCHV) providing a bi-annual dose of Vitamin A supplements

First Place - Deepak Paudel 

Photo taken by Deepak Paudel on April 19, 2017 in Nuwakot district hospital, Nepal.

The story:

Vitamin A deficiency is one of the public health problems in Nepal primarily affecting children. Bi-annual distribution of high-dose vitamin A dose by a network of more than 50,000 Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) has been a cost-effective intervention to reduce under-five mortality and to reduce incidence and severity of diarrheal diseases and measles. In the picture, FCHV (in blue dress) is providing a dose to a child in Nuwakot district (one of the highly affected areas from the 2015 earthquake) of Central Nepal as part of the national campaign.


Second Place

Title: Childhood as an agent of change in the community

Second Place - Edén Galán-Rodas

Photo taken by Carlos Gonzalez on 2015 in Isla Caballo, Golfo de Nicoya, Costa Rica.
Submitted by Edén Galán-Rodas.

The story:

This photo was taken during a day of social action in a rural Costa Rican community called Isla Caballo. The community is lacking basic commodities like electricity and drinking water and is located in an endemic area for dengue. The social actions are aimed at preventing this disease with a special emphasis on childhood prevention. We believe that the children play an important role and their active participation in the local problematic can generate real changes in the health of the community.


Third Place

Title: From recovery to self-reliance

Third Place - Sisay Mulugeta

Photo taken by Sisay Mulugeta on December 2016 in Dollo Ado refugee camp, Ethiopia.

The story:

This is a picture of a Somali refugee doing a traditional Somali house cover from palm tree leaf. She is now recovered from a mental illness and is generating an income by selling these products. This community project is a good way for refugees, especially for those who suffer from mental illness, to gain some independence. These activities help them not only to recover but also to contributed to their communities.


Audience award

Title: Young children fetching water

Public Award - Mihereteab Teshome

Photo taken by Mihereteab Teshome on 2016 in Bedele, Ethiopia.

The story:

The picture shows two young children in a rural Ethiopian village. They travel long distances, often barefoot on a gravel road, to fetch water from river basins that is then used at home. Unfortunately, this is a common scene in many villages today. This emphasizes how important community work is for the health of the population as well as to help better the lives of the people in these rural areas.