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Global Surgery Symposium and Workshops


In a world that is moving closer together, surgical care needs to be seen in the global picture. On the one hand a surgeon's knowledge and clinical experience might be challenged in the absence of a high-tech-infrastructure and on the other hand it is necessary to share the existing expertise – which is rarely at hand – with those interested in working under such conditions, herewith raising a voice for good surgical care at a worldwide scale.

This conference is geared at those willing to dedicate themselves to providing medical care in resource-poor settings and should serve as a lively exchange platform within the various disciplines related to surgery and the involved individuals. Lectures from the field of global surgery, operative medicine in resource-poor regions, current initiatives as well as an interdisciplinary exchange are rounded off by a culinary as well as ethnomusicological excursus.

Workshops will be offered on:

  • External fixation
  • Plastering techniques
  • Intestinal anastomoses
  • Obstetrics
  • Resuscitation

Symposium and Workshops will be held November 10-12, 2017 in Vienna, Austria.

To register, please send an email

For further information, please see the Workshop Flyer (PDF 425,96 KB)

For more information regarding Tropic Surgery, please visit the website of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tropenchirurgie e.V.