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Exhibition: Being A Human

A collection of photographs portraying people in Jimma, Ethiopia


Date: 08. - 12.10.2017

Location: Berlin, Germany

Photo Exhibition during the WPA World Congress in Berlin, Germany.

The story behind the pictures is: These individuals seek help for mental distress. They are patients at the Department of Psychiatry at Jimma University in Ethiopia.

In 2010, Jimma University with Prof. Markos Tesfaye and the Center for International Health of Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich have launched a Masters programme for Mental Health in Jimma, a town in southwestern Ethiopia. Up to now about 50 students finished the programme and work as Masters for Mental Health, caring for the well-being of people with mental distress all over Ethiopia. They provide a space for an integrated understanding of mental illness – building bridges between traditional beliefs and modern psychiatric and psychotherapeutic treatments. The Masters programme itself is meanwhile fully organised and staffed by previous Masters.

Photographs by Anselm Skogstad