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The CIHLMU Center for International Health expects from its PhD candidates of the PhD program Medical Research – International Health to be aware and responsible of their own funding situation during their entire PhD study duration, as the CIHLMU does not fund research itself. Any research expenses have to be covered by the researcher or the respective partner institution. Adequate funding for the research expenses themselves has to be secured and documented by each applicant upon application to the PhD program.

Only in cases of serious but unsuccessful efforts of candidates in applying for additional funds covering living and study expenses at external funding entities, the CIHLMU may consider issuing scholarships for promising and at the same time needy candidates. This also applies to needy candidates who have already successfully applied for an external scholarship which does not cover one or more of the items mentioned below. Thus, selected outstanding candidates for the CIHLMU PhD program that are official citizens of countries defined as low and middle income countries according to the DAC country list may be eligible for a PhD scholarship. As the total amount of available scholarships is limited, the application process stays highly competitive. Which scholarships are currently available is outlined below.

Please note that in any case the issuing of scholarship always depends on the availability of respective funding and is thereby subject to the funding situation of the CIHLMU itself!

 Currently Available Scholarships at CIHLMU for Applicants for the Term 2018-2021:

Module Block (MB) I - October to December 2018

1. Scholarship for Travel Expenses 

This scholarship includes one round trip flight between the country of residence of the applicant or the country where the research project is located and Munich, Germany. This flight may only be used for travels to Germany at the beginning of MB I and back from Germany to the home or research country at the end of MB I. Please note that all bookings are arranged by the administrative office of the CIHLMU.

2. Scholarship for Excursion Expenses

At the beginning of MB I the candidates will participate in a retreat week taking place outside of Munich. The costs for this excursion in MB I (aprox. €450) will be covered by this scholarship for awarded candidates.

3. Scholarship for Stay in Munich

This scholarship includes a monthly allowance of €1000 for the period during the MB I from October to December  spent in Munich, Germany. Mandatory health and liability insurance fees, rent for accommodation in the Munich student dormitory and student service fees will be deducted from the above stated monthly allowance.

The offered scholarships do not cover subsequent time periods after MB I. This refers also to MB II and the defense period. Candidates have to consider covering their living and study expenses in Munich out of other scholarship sources or personal funds. Any potential issuing of additional scholarships for MB II and the defense period depends on the general availability of funding and is independent from any previous granted scholarships.

Scholarship payments may be stopped at any time in cases of severe misbehavior as well as due to insufficient performance.

Important notice

Conditions for application: The scholarships are meant as a backup financing only for those candidates that have seriously tried to find other scholarship sources but failed to receive them. Candidates applying for this scholarship must prove in the course of application their serious efforts to acquire scholarships or funding from other sources (scholarship application files, email communication, letters of inquiry and refusal). Candidates failing to provide this proof of effort will not be awarded a PhD scholarship. It is therefore strongly recommended to all applicants to start as soon as possible to look for scholarship opportunities outside CIHLMU.

Applicants intending to apply for the PhD scholarships will need to submit two additional documents in the course of their program application through the CIH online application portal:

  1. Proof of Scholarship Contact: This is a document proving that applicants have tried to apply for an external scholarship, i.e. at scholarship donors other than CIHLMU. This document may be a copy of an application letter, a letter of confirmation from the funding agency or a copy of a comprehensible email communication with an agency indicating appropriate efforts.
  2. Self-Funding Concept: This is a self-written document that provides understanding of what the applicant's self-funding concept for the duration of the PhD studies is (personal funds, salaries, external scholarships). Direct research costs and the desired PhD scholarship should not be added to the account. The concept has to contain precisely the type and name of scholarship, the volume of the scholarship, name of the institution, exact periods of possible applications, and the reason why the funding agency should choose the candidate for the respective scholarship. Please refer to the Costs document on the CIHLMU website to get an understanding of self-funding costs applicants will have to expect in the course of the PhD program.

The application form for the PhD scholarship is included in the general online application form of the PhD program. Different types of scholarships can be combined.

General Notice

The award of scholarships is conditional on strong motivation and efficiency of the candidate. In case of disallowance of the scholarship due to inadequate behaviour, or abruption of the program on behalf of the candidate, the entire scholarship benefits may have to be refunded to CIHLMU. This measure is subject to an individual assessment by the CIHLMU administration.

CIHLMU supports the idea of lifelong learning and has not established an age limit for scholarship applications. However, the last earned master level degree (which makes the applicant eligible to admission to the PhD program) may not be older than 6 years (date of degree awarding respective to the beginning of the PhD program).

For external full coverage scholarships, we recommend to consult the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Applicants from Africa, please note the downloadable DAAD information.