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Advance payment

Dear Applicant,

You have been accepted as a candidate to the PhD Program Medical Research - International Health at the CIHLMU Center for International Health at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany.

There are no tuition fees for the PhD program. Nevertheless, the mandatory stays in Munich during the Module Blocks will result in living costs for every PhD candidate. For details on maintenance costs to be expected for each stay in Munich, please refer to our website.

Especially accommodation is extremely expensive and practically not available for short term stays in Munich. Therefore, CIHLMU has arranged a fixed number of student apartments. Each PhD position is obligatorily linked to a reserved student apartment.

The acceptance and admission to the PhD program have to be confirmed by each applicant by signing and returning the acceptance documents and by transferring the advance payment of €350. The payment will be offset with the first rent payment for the student apartment. Please respect the deadline mentioned in your documents. Late payments may result in exclusion from the PhD program. Please note that the advance payment is not refundable.

Please try and use the PayPal option, since this is the safer way for you to transfer the advance payment. In case PayPal does not work in your country, you may transfer the payment to the bank account mentioned below. Please send a scan of the payment confirmation to after transferring the payment.


Account Holder: Klinikum der LMU
Bank Name: Bayerische Landesbank Muenchen
IBAN: DE 267 005 000 000 100 200 40
Purpose of Payment: 81336016–G PhD MR-IH