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Application Requirements and Selection Process

Next application period:  1 December 2020 - 31 January 2021

The PhD Program Medical Research - International Health is designed as an academic and educative instrument, instigating research activities on health related issues in low and middle income countries. Since the research projects are expected to be conducted in the regions of interest, i.e. the low and middle income countries themselves, we particularly encourage young scientists from the respective countries to participate and apply in the PhD program. Nevertheless, the program is open to all scientists of any nationality, that share our interest and involvement in health related research in low and middle income countries. The PhD program does therefore not imply any restrictions on age or nationality.

Application requirements

  • Successfully completed university bachelor and master degree in a health related discipline, medical school degree, or adequate equivalent education at the time of application which admits enrollment within a doctoral study program in Germany
  • Minimum total of 3 years university education
  • A research topic with a formulated and consistent study proposal
  • A local scientific supervisor ready to support the research project in the field throughout the entire curriculum of at least three years
  • Sufficient funding for the research project - CIHLMU does not offer any research funding!
  • Two scientific referees willing to submit letters of reference for the candidate
  • Proficient knowledge of English language
  • Basic knowledge in statistics and the application of statistical software (R and SPSS) is highly recommended. The freeware R will be used in some courses during the PhD program
  • Competent knowledge of mathematics is expected and is a prerequisite in order to be able to follow the epidemiology and statistics sessions

After completion of the online application form, all applicants will be notified about the decision of the selection board after the evaluation process. Following the application deadline, the selection board will evaluate the applications. Notifications will be delivered around May/June. Please note that an essential factor in the course of selection is the adequate matching of a co-supervisor from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) to each research project. In case of non-availability of a matching co-supervisor the application has to be declined. Supervisors can be suggested within the application process. However, final matching with LMU supervisors is done exclusively by the selection board.

Selection Process

If a candidate disposes an adequate research project, ideally together with a potential future supervisor, then he/she can apply for the PhD program. Please note that CIHLMU does not provide any research funding, which has to be covered by other sources. It is important that adequate research funding is proved upon application!

All applications are redirected through the online application tool, where information on the applicant, his/her qualifications and the planned research project will be prompted. Only applications fulfilling all requirements and containing all necessary documents can be submitted. Subsequently, the selection board will choose the candidates. An invitation for an interview at LMU or at a local embassy or a telecommunicative interview are optional. The final selection is carried out by the selection board.

A key factor in the selection process is the matching of the candidate with LMU supervisors. The selection board will contact the department within LMU that is covering the field of research of the applicant´s research project, in order to identify suitable co-supervisors. This step is conducted exclusively by the selection board. Applicants should refrain from contacting potential LMU supervisors on their own.

Once accepted, prospective candidates will receive a letter of confirmation and invitation in order to prepare for the necessary travel requirements. If the candidate confirms the letter of acceptance, contact will be established between the local supervisor, the LMU supervisors and the candidate in order to communicate on the first draft of the study proposal. The PhD program starts officially at the beginning of October every year.