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MSc International Occupational Safety and Health

In order to improve the working conditions in Latin America, the CIHLMU offers since 2012 - in cooperation with universities in Latin America - the MSc in Safety and Occupational Health International.

The main objective of the Master is to train professionals in the field of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH). This international and interdisciplinary training is based on the Blended-Learning concept, which combines three face-to-face courses (two in Latin America and one in Munich) with online courses and work on projects supported by local tutors.

  • Duration: two years (part time)
  • Concept: Blended learning (distance training modules/attendance modules)
  • Grade: Master of Science (MSc) from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich
  • Approach: Research/Professional
  • Language: Spanish (first academic year) and English (second academic year)
  • Cost: 5,000€ per semester
    Thanks to the support of the DAAD/Exceed we can offer a reduced fee of 3,750€ per semester


Further information about the Master of International Occupational Safety and Health can be found on the program website.