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Symposium on eHealth trends and innovations


Location: CAS, Seestraße 13, 80802 München

eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health. The WHO acknowledged the potential of digital technologies to play a major role in improving public health. The resolution urges Member States to prioritize the development and greater use of digital technologies in health as means of promoting Universal Health Coverage and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. e-Health was created to address the gaps existing between patients and healthcare professionals. The expansion of e-Health solutions is associated with the increased demand for flexible, comprehensive, cost-effective care models, and continues expanding, putting together a very comprehensive set of knowledge.

This symposium aims to contribute to capacity building in the academic community of developed and developing countries. 

For registration, please follow the link

The academic and scientific community will be invited to participate in this symposium. The participation will be free of charge. Companies that develop innovations in digital health will be also invited to expose their products.