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Occupational Safety & Health Symposium 2019


Occupational Safety & Health Symposium 2019
"Protecting Workers’ Health - Global challenges and opportunities in work related respiratory diseases"


For those who are interested in occupational safety and health and want to be updated on the current global issues, we are happy to announce that the CIHLMU will be hosting its first OSH symposium addressing current global challenges in the diagnosis and management of work-related respiratory diseases.

Work-related respiratory diseases are among the most frequently occurring, most severely disabling and most amenable to prevention of all categories of occupational diseases. Globally, there are still challenges in implementing interventions to prevent work-related respiratory diseases. The aim of the symposium is to increase awareness and knowledge of the current condition of occupational health worldwide, to discuss the challenges and opportunities that health systems face, and to facilitate dialogue on effective interventions and strategies to prevent occupational respiratory diseases.

The symposium is expected to attract a wide audience of participants from academia, research institutions, the private sector, as well as policy makers and health care providers.

The organizers of the symposium would like to extend an invitation for all of those who are interested. Kindly have a look at the symposium's agenda to learn more about the organisation of the day and the different lectures and speakers.


Date: Saturday, 16th March 2019; 09:00-17:00h

Location: Institute of Physiology, Lecture Hall F1.08, Pettenkoferstr. 14, Munich

Register here for the Symposium and benefit from the Early-bird registration discount!

Additionally, the organizers are happy to announce that 15 scholarships can be offered (students only!) for the attendence of the Symposium. Learn more here!