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Symposium on Infectious Diseases: Drug Resistant Tuberculosis - Old Disease, New Challenge

Location: Munich, Germany

Date: 12.03.2016


The 5th CIH Symposium on infectious disease 2016 aimed to tackle one of the oldest diseases known to humanity, but still a challenge in the 21st Century. Tuberculosis drug resistance is a major public health problem that threatens progress made in TB care and control worldwide, the appearance of multidrug resistant or/and extensively resistant form of the TB bacteria that implies a longer, more toxic and expensive treatment.

European and African experts discussed in Munich about Epidemiology and Risk groups, Resistance Development, Tuberculosis and migration, Diagnostics and Therapy.

The aim is to understand the current situation of drug resistant tuberculosis and the current trends in policy, research and diagnostics. We would like to promote exchange of ideas, encourage scientific debates and establish networking among experts from tuberculosis and/or HIV policy, clinical and research fields as well.


Topics and Speakers

  • Tuberculosis History and Current Scenario - Dr. Nilesh Bhatt (NIH, Maputo, Mozambique)
  • Tuberculosis and Migration - current scenario in Germany - Dr. Lena Fiebig (RKI, Berlin, Germany)
  • Mechanisms of Tuberculosis resistance development - Dr. Norbert Heinrich (LMU, Munich, Germany)
  • Epidemiology of resistance - transmission vs. new generation of resistance - Dr. Matthias Merker (FZ, Borstel, Germany)
  • The impact of diagnostics on patient outcomes - beyond sensitivity and specitivity - Dr. Katharina Kranzer (FR, Borstel, Germany)
  • The Bangladesh regimen - new hope, through old drugs - Prof. Hans L. Rieder (UZH & TB Consultant, Switzerland)
  • New drugs and regimens - an overview on studies  - Nyanda Ntinginya (NIMR, Mbeya, Tanzania)
  • MDR / XDR Tuberculosis from Europe - Dr. Martin Boeree (RIHS, Nijmegen, Netherlands)


Detailed Program (PDF 6,86 MB)

Symposium Flyer (PDF 4,12 MB)

Symposium Poster (PDF 2,22 MB)