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1st Summer School Teaching Interventions Crossing Borders

Location: Munich, Germany

Date: 30.07.2015 – 07.08.2015

This Summer School trains physicians and other health specialists of low- and middle-income countries to develop teaching interventions for health-related problems. Therefore, different modern teaching methods will be experienced and applied.

The Summer School 2015 also included the participation in the Conference of the Center for International Health focusing on “Health in Vulnerable Populations”.

After active participation in the course, participants are able to

  • identify intervention needs from the results of epidemiologic studies
  • identify the best target populations for a teaching intervention
  • set up a structured concept for a teaching intervention
  • develop appropriate learning objectives for a teaching intervention
  • plan and structure teaching sessions using modern teaching methods
  • implement teaching interventions in their home country
  • evaluate teaching interventions
  • work in a global network