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Grand Opening Ceremony of the Munich Medical Research School

Location: Munich, Germany

Date: 26.09.2013

Doctoral promotions have hitherto been a rather individual issue in Germany. In the past years medical academic institutions have recognized the advatages of doctoral programmes, offering curricula fostering research skills of the participating doctoral students, adding to the transparency of the doctoral promotion procedure by demanding clear commitments both from doctoral candidates and supervisors through standardized target agreements, and making the translation from a reserach idea over the finalization of the doctoral project to the eventual publication more efficient by setting clear standards and time frames.

The PhD-Program International Health of the CIHLMU Center for International Health has been the first PhD-Program of the Medical Faculty at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich. It has been sided ever since by the PhD in Oral Sciences of the Faculty of Dental Medicine, and the PhD in Public Health of the Institute of Biometrics and Epidemiology.

The new challenges of coordinating the doctoral promotions through doctoral programmes have led to the establishment of the Munich Medical Research School (MMRS) within the premises of the Dean's Office. It will be engaged in the harmonization of doctoral promotions across the different programmes, and also work towards establishing standards within the still predominant individual doctoral promotions.