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Course in Ultrasound Imaging in Beira, Mozambique

At two sites in Beira, Mozambique the Ultrasound teaching is realised:

  1. Bedside teaching with an portable ultrasound machine on the neonatal, pediatric, obstetrics and internal medicine ward(s)
  2. in the teaching rooms of the outpatient clinic of The Catholic University of Mozambique (UCM)

The "Visualisation" is a key method for understanding "diseases and pathophysiology" and bridging speech and cultural differences with a concentrated view to the patient and his/her needs.

With a group of four cooperating doctors we cover the disciplines of neonatal and pediatric ultrasound, gynecological and obstetrics ultrasound, internal medicine ultrasound and cardiological ultrasound.

Within the courses we basically start with technical and overall introduction followed by specific techniques followed by own patients examination and reporting. After organising the course for 3 years as external experts now the course is organised by the local doctors and the role of the experts is going to pure supervision. Two doctors are specifically trained over the years in pediatric ultrasound, one supervising in the Central Hospital Beira and one supervising in the University Hospital Maputo. Step by Step the "mentorship-approach" is taken over to next generation medical students.