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Global Mental Health

In Africa, a high burden of mental illness meets limited resources, stigmatization, social exclusion, and discrimination of patients and families with mental disorders. Ethiopia for example, has about 86 million people and a low number of psychiatrists (around 50 psychiatrists for the whole country according to the World Health Organization). Almost all physicians are in Addis Ababa and consequently, rural regions are completely underserved. This situation means that there is an urgent need for better training opportunities in order to integrate mental health services into primary health care.

To help remedy this situation, the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in 2009 established a new two-year course at the Jimma University. In this, nurses or municipal health care professionals can obtain a Master's degree in Integrated Clinical and Community Mental Health. The main idea behind this program is to have professional people distributed all over Ethiopia who are able to run health centers or work in refugee camps. Moreover, the department is supporting the Jimma University in building and establishing a rehabilitation farm for people with mental illness and working together on research activities with the goal of improving treatment options and the understanding of mental illness in Ethiopia.


Team members

Munich Office

Peter FalfaiProf. Dr. med. Peter Falkai (CIHLMU Board member)
Head - Hospital of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy



Jobst, AndreaDr. Andrea Jobst, MD
Head of working group "Global Mental Health"
Coordinator of the mental health activities
Phone: +49-(0)89-4400-55323

Adorjan, KristinaDr. Kristina Adorjan, MD
Deputy coordinator of the mental health activities
Phone: +49-(0)89-4400-55560

Dehning, SandraPD Dr. Sandra Dehning, MD
Head of working section "Child and Adolescent Mental Health"
Phone: +49-(0)89-4400-55963 


International Office

Mr. Nebiyou Solomon
Facilitator at the Jimma University

 External consultant

Dr. med. Wolfgang Krahl
i.nez e.V. (International Network for Cooperation in Mental Health)
Phone: +49-(0)8341-81568