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Since 2009, the CIHLMU Center for International Health at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) Munich offers a platform for all departments within the Medical Faculty of LMU and outside which are involved in international cooperation in medical research education. Our departments gathered experiences in transnational academic activities for decades. Thus, the CIHLMU offers a unique opportunity to exchange these experiences and to join forces in cooperation between LMU Munich and academic and health care institutions worldwide! more

Worldwide around 60 million people are forcibly displaced (UNHCR), the vast majority within their countries of origin. They are fleeing from war, violence, suppression and persecution. Additionally, many thousands are leaving their homes because of hunger and poverty induced by a lack of economic opportunity, an ever-increasing degradation of their natural environment and the growing number of natural disasters. They are leaving their homes temporarily or permanently to find better work opportunities. The Center for International Health together with the other four Centres for Excellence in Development Collaboration (exceed) have combined forces to take a closer look at the environmental and socioeconomic dimensions of forced migration together with scientists, politician and the public from all around the world by organizing the first Exceed conference in Berlin (October 19th/20th). more


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