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Advanced Module: Applied Clinical Research

19.02.2018 – 23.02.2018

Participants will learn theoretical aspects of study design, statistics and methodology of clinical research as well as their implications on study planning and conduct. Practical aspects on selected steps during study preparation such as protocol writing or design of data collection tools will be trained in depth. Strategies to study management and final outcome dissemination will be presented and discussed in the context of the participants' experience and background. The course is accredited by the TropEd Network.

At the end of the module the student should be able to …

  • formulate the research question, primary objectives and essential milestones of the study 
  • identify a suitable study design for different research questions
  • compose operational study documents to plan and organize project execution
  • prepare a protocol and design a Case Report Form (CRF).
  • apply a range of tools to manage and monitor a clinical study (trial).
  • use and interpret applicable regulatory and ethical guidelines relevant for clinical research
  • suggest the pathway to translate study results to policy making.
  • Duration: 19.02. - 23.02.2018 (5 days face-to-face; additional pre- and post-course assignments)
  • Target group: tropEd master students, PhD candidates, health professionals
  • Grade: Certificate of attendance / 2 ECTS credits
  • Location: Munich, Germany
  • Language: English


Registration fee: 1,000 EUR / 800 EUR (special price for TropEd members)

For more information about the module content and registration deadline, please contact



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