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PhD Program Medical Research - International Health

The PhD program Medical Research - International Health combines health related research in the widest sense and development cooperation. Special focus lies in educating young researchers to become in their turn educators within developing countries and thus the next generation of health professionals. Not only acquisition of knowledge for their personal interest, but to import knowledge to areas in need and multiply it there should be one leading work ethic while being a PhD student at CIHLMU. This motive is complying with global development strategies that have recognized the human resource crisis as a key factor in the deterioration of health systems in developing countries.

From this stance arises a certain focus on candidates from developing countries, in order to supply their home countries with competent and responsible researchers and health professionals. However, the PhD program is open to anyone sharing the interest in health-related issues in the field of development cooperation. Therefore we encourage all professionals of any nationality to become part of the PhD program, people working in the field of health or in health related areas that are willing to improve local research and health situations both through manpower and knowledge.

  • Duration: Three years
  • Concept: Sandwich program (on-site classes in Munich / research in students countries of origin)
  • Grade: Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Medical Research – International Health from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich
  • Approach: Research/Professional
  • Language: English

 Further Information

Please read the following documents related to the PhD program:
Application requirements and selection process
Research projects
Online registration and application

 Helpful links for PhD candidates:

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PhD Leaflet (PDF 115 KB) with the most important details of the PhD program.

For further information please contact:
Andrea Kinigadner