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About the Center for International Health

On December 4 2013, in the course of the 2013 Cooperation Meeting held yearly by CIHLMU and its partners in Munich, the General Assembly agreed on new CIHLMU Vision and Mission statements:


CIHLMU - We Empower Health Professionals


CIHLMU aspires to meet health-related challenges through capacity building in training and research.


The aim of CIHLMU is to empower partner universities in developing countries to set their own higher education and research agendas based upon the local problems. These agendas should be integrated by the partner universities into a network of knowledge management. Finally, research results will be translated by the partners into policy to provide crucial information to stakeholders.


Empowerment of people in difficult situations is the core idea of CIHLMU. In our activities particular sub-groups receive particular consideration. This may manifest in preferential selection through boni in applications, or purposive allocation of activities and funds. However, procedures of procurement of equal opportunities are strictly maintained transparent. Considered groups may be defined by ethnicity, socio-economic-status, gender and handicaps.